Community-run Representatives

The Banano ledger is secured through Open Representative Voting, a powerful decentralization mechanism that has no strong analog in Proof-of-Work (PoW) or Proof-of-Stake (POS) algorithms. In conventional PoS systems, the account owner's node must be running to participate in voting. By contrast, Banano account holders choose a representative node to vote on their behalf in the event of conflicting transactions. Continuously running a node is impractical for many everyday users; giving a representative the power to proxy vote reduces that requirement. A user has the ability to easily reassign their representative to any account at any time through a change transaction. The weight of the account is subtracted from the old representative and added to the new representative. No funds are moved in this transaction, and the representative does not have spending power of the account's funds.

Banano Yellowpaper

Current weight distribution

Every banano holder has voting power equal to the amount of his funds. If the user does not participate in the consensus algorithm then he must delegate his voting power to someone else, a representative.

Representatives are Banano Nodes running on the network, and their total weight (delegated voting power) represents how much control they have over the Banano network. The goal is to spread out network control across Representatives.

How to change your representative

  • Banano Vault

    Unlock your wallet.

    Scroll down and select the Settings dropdown from the left sidebar, and click Representatives.

    Under the Change your representatives section select All Accounts, or each individual account that you'd like to change the Representative for.

    In the New Representative field paste the new representative address and check that it's correct.

    Click Update Representatives.

  • Kalium

    Unlock your wallet.

    Tap the Cog icon in the upper left corner of your screen, or swipe open the sidebar.

    Scroll down and tap the Change representative option, and either scan or paste in the new representative address & check that it's correct.

    Tap the Change button and you're done!

Community-run Representatives List

If you wish to further decentralize the Banano network, here's a list of smaller, community-run Banano nodes to whom you might redelegate your account's weight!

Copy the account address to your clipboard by clicking it, or scan the QR Code.

For a comprehensive list of representative accounts please visit Banano Creeper.